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Full service auto repair and maintenance

We are a complete and comprehensive car, truck, van and SUV repair service. Our expertise includes a variety of repair and maintenance services including brake repair, wheel alignment, transmission repair, A/C cooling and heating, car tune-ups, engine performance, suspension, electrical system (including battery, alternator, starter), carburetor and fuel injection, power steering, computer diagnostics and oil changes. We also sell, balance, and align tires. We have been in the auto repair business for a very long time. In fact, we started in Sioux Falls in 1977. No matter the problem or issue, our auto technicians have the experience and background to get your vehicle back on the road....and keep it there.

We repair the following domestic cars and trucks

Buick logo

Buick is the earliest brand of automobile that is still rolling today. The Buick make is considered a more upscale car than many domestic vehicles. In fact, although Buick is under the cloak of GM now, it actually came along before GM, and was the backbone that started GM. In the current century, Buick is known more for its SUVs and cross-over vehicles than the sedans and performance models of old.

Cadillac logo

Also under the banner of GM since they purchased it in 1909, the Cadillac is considered a luxury vehicle and is most certainly synonymous with the word comfort when it comes to American made cars on the road today. Luxury has always been the style of Cadillac, and leisure and affluence is what it remains known as. Cadillac's V8 engine set the standard for automobiles in its day, and power is also part of the Cadillac mystique.

Chevrolet logo

Of course the beloved Chevy is one of the most widely known and popular vehicles out there. From its early beginnings on through to today, the working man's vehicle remains favored and in the main-stream. Chevrolet, also under the banner of GM, has a plethora of models of cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers and vans. If you are a Chevy fan, you have much to choose from. The company was started in 1911 by Louis Chevrolet, and today is sold all over the world.

Chrysler logo

Along with Ford and GM, the Chrysler make is known as one of the 'Big Three' automobile manufacturers in the USA. Walter Chrysler founded the company in 1925. Brands under the Chrysler vein include Dodge, Plymouth, AMC, and Jeep. Chrysler was one of the first manufacturers to introduce fuel injection, and also for the radio becoming an option in vehicles.

Dodge logo

Dodge has been part of the Chrysler brand since 1928. Originally started in 1900 by the Dodge brothers of Horace and John, Dodge today is still one of the most beloved brands. The Dodge fleet includes sedans, compact cars, vans, trucks and SUVs. Dodge has also been a player in high performance vehicles throughout their modern history.

Ford logo

Another one of the 'Big Three', Ford has been around since Henry Ford started the company in 1903. As a car manufacturer, Ford has its finger in all pies including cars, trucks, compacts and sedans, SUVs, crossovers and more. It is considered one of America's favorites, with many people either being a 'Chevy Person' or a Ford one. The Ford company is still controlled by the Ford family to this day. Ford is known as one of the premier companies to begin the use of the assembly line, which greatly increased the profitability of its vehicles in the early days.

GM logo

GM (General Motors) includes the Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC brands. It also once included Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Hummer, Saab, and Saturn. General Motors was the biggest car manufacturer from 1931-2007. It is considered as one of the most highest selling brand of vehicles in the USA with a 18.4% market share. It was formed in 1908 by William C. Durant, who originally owned the Buick brand before the inception of General Motors.

GMC logo

Known mostly for their trucks, vans, and SUVs GMC (General Motors Truck Company) also sells commercial vans, trucks, and buses. During WWII GMC produced 600,000 trucks for the military. Currently GMC also produces light-duty trucks. Their brand is synonymous with professional style and powerfully built vehicles, made for the abuse of the road.

Ram logo

Originally part of Dodge, in 2009 the Ram Truck broke off to become its own brand. Dodge Rams came into production in 1981 and were known as tough and rugged with plenty of power. In 1994 the ever popular 'semi truck' look of the Ram front grille was started, and remains part of the look for their trucks.

Jeep logo

The Jeep brand is known and loved universally for its unique style and toughness. Originally manufactured by AMC, it is currently under the Chrysler banner. The Jeep name comes from the military, and these now mass produced 4 wheel drive vehicles still retain a fondness and singularity that has remained since WWII to this day. Many Jeep styles are popular because of removable tops and doors, not unlike the military versions.

Hummer logo

Originally based on the American military Humvee, the Hummer was made to appeal to regular civilians as a military style vehicle for off road and everyday use. It was made from 1992-2010. As the years went by, the Hummer became less like a military style vehicle, and morphed into a more SUV type of style. However, when you see a Hummer coming down the road, you know its a Hummer.

Lincoln logo

Named after Abraham Lincoln and known as a more luxury brand, Lincoln vehicles include cars and crossovers SUVs. It is part of the Ford division and was originally founded by Henry M. Leland and his son Wilfred in 1917. Lincoln also sells limousines, of which it has two models available. They have an enduring background of being the official state limousine for the U.S. President through the years of modern automobiles.

Mercury logo


Once part of the Ford Motor Company, the Mercury brand has been discontinued. As one-half of the Lincoln-Mercury Division, it was created by Edsel Ford in 1938. In the beginning its aim was to link the gap that existed between Ford and Lincoln vehicles. The original Mercury's were of a more unique design, but they transitioned into sharing common underpinnings with other Ford lines, to save on costs.

Oldsmobile logo


For most of its history Oldsmobile cars have been under the GM brand (starting in 1908). Originally founded in 1897 by Ransom E. Olds, this iconic make became defunct in 2010. In the very early 1900s Oldsmobile was the largest automobile company in terms of sales of cars with an internal combustion engine. The 'horseless carriages' (as they were known as at the time) were assembled from the first vehicle assembly line (not Henry Ford - he was the first to use a moving assembly line) and also the first mass-produced automobile (employing 75 people at its outset). They were originally called the Olds Motor Company, which morphed into the more easily spoken Oldsmobile.

Plymouth logo


A segment of Chrysler, the Plymouth was first produced in 1928 as a lower priced vehicle to compete with the low priced ones being produced by Ford and Chevy at the time. Because of the Great Depression money was tight among consumers, so having a lower priced line made a lot of sense. It lasted until 2001 and was for a long time the biggest selling make for Chrysler. Named after Plymouth Rock, their original logo was of the Mayflower. They were the first low priced car to feature hydraulic brakes as standard, and were a huge part of the muscle car era of the late 1960s.

Pontiac logo

Named after Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa tribe, the Pontiac make started in 1926 and was produced by General Motors. It was made in Pontiac, Michigan (also named after the Chief) and was known as a more performance type of vehicle, and was discontinued in 2010. Utilizing an 'L-head' straight 6-cylinder engine (whose stroke was the shortest at the time), in 1933 it had become one of the least expensive vehicles with a straight eight cylinder engine.

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