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A quick history of T.D.S. Auto Repair, Inc.

    Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and go-carts have been in Terry Steenholdt's blood since day one. We are lucky that Terry is even here today after knowing that he grew up in Sioux Falls flying down the 6th Street hill across Minnesota Avenue on his go-cart! Terry had a motorcycle to ride as soon as he could obtain a motorcycle permit. He went on to purchase his first car, even before he had a driver's license.

    It is true that Terry began T.D.S. Auto Repair in April of 1977 working out of our garage on Kiwanis Avenue. Soon, more parking space was needed so he moved about 10 blocks south and began renting space, indoors and out, from Westgate Towing. The first picture shows Terry standing in front of the Westgate Towing building with his first tow-truck. Remember how we said he was interested in motors? He is posing with his late model race car. The sign above the walk-in door says "T.D.S. Auto Repair".

Westgate Towing

    It wasn't very long until Terry needed more work bays. As Sioux Falls was growing westward, in 1981, Terry and Dar were able to purchase the property at 15th and Marion Road where we still operate today. The original office space was a Stewarts Hair Salon. The salon sold their building to a sign company that painted semi-trailers and in order to do that, they built on the tall shop area. The second picture shows the original building approach.

Original Building

    Over the next three decades, Terry and Dar improved the T.D.S. Auto property virtually every year. First, we purchased neighboring lots to the west and south to expand our parking and storage areas. In the third picture, you can see the flooding that we dealt with whenever it rained.


    Soon, we started buying cement by the truckload, as the fourth picture shows. The parking lot and driveways were cemented and curbing was placed throughout. Trees were planted and fences were erected. More hoists were installed indoors while a second, wider garage door was cut into the front side as shown in the fifth and sixth pictures. In 2000, Terry constructed an addition to the south side that was half again the size of the existing shop space. In completing the addition, the entire cement floor was removed and replaced with in-floor heated cement. New siding was installed around the whole exterior and soon after that, the remaining red overhang was re-sided as well.

Before Wide Door
After Wide Door

    Anyone who owns a business can tell you the maintenance is never done. Within a couple of years a new rubber roof was sealed into place. Dar painted the office area in the summer of 2011 when Terry was off to Canada on his annual fishing trip. In the summer of 2012, Terry painted the inside of the shop area. Also aging hoists were replaced with new ones and all the existing light fixtures were removed and replaced with new, energy efficient ones.

Current Building

    One can see by the last picture, the current look of the T.D.S. Auto Repair facility. All these years, we have been growing our business while improving our services and we are darn proud of our accomplishments! We have been part of the neighborhood for over 31 years. Please come check us out at 5309 West 15th Street!

Did you know?
Terry Steenholdt, owner of T.D.S. Auto Repair....

has served at the national level of ASA on the operation committee.
helped start and served as vice-president of the S.D. ASA.
was a volunteer fire-fighter for the Wayne Township Fire Department and served as officer in charge of rescue, assistant Chief, and Chief of the department.
helped organize and served in each officer position of the Sioux Falls Professionals Club.
has served on the board of directors of the Crooks Gun Club including the position of President.

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