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Known for luxury vehicles, Cadillac (named for Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, a 17th century explorer who founded Detroit, Michigan) began in 1902 by Henry Leland, an entrepreneur and mechanic.
In 1909, Cadillac was purchased by GM, where it remains today.
From the beginning, Leland produced not just cars known for luxury, but also for interchangeable parts, quality and innovation.
Cadillac is one of the oldest American automobiles, second only to Buick for longevity. Because of the superior use of technology and reliability, Cadillac cars were more sophisticated than their competitors.

    The Cadillac company came up with a large number of 'first's' for automobiles including:
  • Produced the first V8 engine as well as the V-12 and V-16
  • First car to have an enclosed steel cabin for bad weather
  • Clashless manual transmission
  • The first to utilize a dual-plane V8 crankshaft
  • Electric starter, ignition and lighting
  • First vehicle to use Phillips screws, making assembly quicker
  • In 1927 the Cadillac LaSalle was the first vehicle to be crafted by a designer (Harley Earl), and not an engineer
  • Inspired by the P-38 fighter plane from WWII, the 1940's had the dual tail section, which became very popular for a number vehicles, but was started by Cadillac

From its first vehicle off the line Cadillac has been known as an American luxury vehicle, and continues that tradition today. When you hear the name Cadillac, you think of affluence, leisure and comfort.

Our Cadillac repair services include:
Brake Repair
Wheel Alignment
Transmission & Differential
Heating & A/C Service
Engine Repair and Performance
Electrical System (battery, alternator, starter)
Tires (balance, rotate, align, tires for sale)
Carburetor & Fuel Injection
Power Steering
Oil Change
Check Engine Light
Tune-ups & Spark Plugs
Factory Recommended Service/Maintenance
Shocks & Struts
Chassis & Suspension
Computer Diagnostics
Clutch Repair & Replacement
Fuel System
Ignition System
Winterizing & Improved Fuel Economy
Fluid Changes, Filters, Belts & Hoses (including Serpentine & Timing belts)
and more!

Contact Terry at 605-338-0198

5309 W. 15th Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57106
Closed on weekends

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We service the following Cadillac models and more:

(Partial late model list, includes the years each vehicle was produced)

Escalade (1999-present)
Escalade ESV (2003-present)
CTS (2003-present)
CTS Sedan (2003-present)
CTS-V (2004-present)
CTS-V Sedan (2004-present)
ATS (2013-present)
ATS Sedan (2013-present)
ATS Coupe (2015-present)
ATS-V Coupe (2016-present)
ATS-V Sedan (2016-present)
XTS (2013-present)
CT6 (2016-present)
XT5 (2017-present)

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