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Brake Repair

We are the dependable brake repair shop on the west side of Sioux Falls!
Convenient location on the west side, near the intersection of 15th St. and Marion Rd.

We are one of the oldest and most trustworthy auto repair shops in The Sioux Falls area.
Since 1977 we have been providing dependable brake repair and installation services in the same location. We are well versed in brakes, and we know that using the correct and accurate parts for your make of vehicle is of the uppermost importance. After all, it's about your family being safe, knowing that a professional auto technician with over 40 years of experience is on the job. We know what it takes to correctly install brakes in a professional and skillful manner.

brake repair

We use the best parts, so your brake repair job will last longer, and you can rest easy.
From brake hardware, hydraulics, pads and shoes, calipers, rotors, and master cylinders, we do brake repair the dependable way!

Check out these helpful links on car and truck brakes:
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We also provide brake inspection services including:
Inspecting brake system for leaks and condition.
We remove all wheels and inspect brake linings, hardware and cylinders.
Removal of dust and debris de-glaze brake shoes.
De-glaze brake shoes.
Adjust the brakes on your car, truck or vehicle.
Adjust the parking brake on your car, truck or vehicle.
Lubricate the brake backing plate.
Adjust brake hardware.
Road test your vehicle for proper brake operation.

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