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Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Is the check engine light in your car or truck on or flashing?
We are the dependable auto repair shop in Sioux Falls, and we will diagnose your car problems and fix the annoying - but important - check engine warning light.

Located on the west side of Sioux Falls since 1977, near the intersection of 15th St. and Marion.

The 'check engine' or 'service engine soon' (or a picture of an engine) light in your vehicle is very important. Ignore it at your own risk!
The warning is telling you that your on-board computer(or OBD) has detected a problem with your automobile.
If the check engine light is on, but not flashing or blinking, then you know there is a problem, but it is not currently a serious one. If the light is flashing, it is telling you the problem may be more serious, and you should bring your vehicle to our Sioux Falls auto repair shop right away. Some vehicles may note the difference with a yellow or red light.
Your best move is to consult a professional auto repair technician if your light has come on.
We have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair the check engine code error, and find the problem that is causing the light to come on or to flash.

What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

There are many different things that a 'check engine' or 'service engine soon' light means including:
Your gas cap may be loose
Catalytic converter
Emission, ignition or fuel system
Spark plug or spark plug wire
Vacuum leak
Ignition Coil
Oxygen sensor or Air Flow sensor
Your vehicle is emitting too many pollutants
and more......

Around the 1980s vehicles began using an on-board computer that not only regulated certain aspects of how a vehicle runs, but also what may be going wrong with it.
The computer will then store the problem ("trouble code"). The trouble code is revealed with a diagnostic tool (called an OBD scanner) that tells you exactly what the malfunction is.
Nowadays, the on-board computer also checks the exhaust emissions of your car or truck, as well as monitoring the fuel system.

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