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Car & Truck Tune-up Services

We are the dependable tune-up shop on the west side of Sioux Falls!
Conveniently located on the west side, at the intersection of 15th St. and Marion Rd.

Since 1977 we have been providing car and truck engine tune-up services to vehicles in the Sioux Falls area.
Are you confident that your car, truck or vehicle is performing at its best and optimum level?
Have you noticed your car isn't running as smooth as it used to?
Does it seem like your engine is running a bit rough or not starting as well as it used to?
Did you know that poor engine performance will cause low fuel economy and cost you more money in the long run?
Whether you drive an older classic car or a late model car, truck, SUV or van, regular tune-ups are frequently needed and always advised.
With a tune-up, your vehicle will improve its performance. Regular car maintenance and tune-ups will keep your vehicle healthy and your vehicle will last much longer.
Don't let minor issues turn into major ones. Keep your vehicle finely tuned, and you will prevent problems from springing up somewhere down the road. Literally!

Our tune-up services can include:
Inspecting spark plugs and spark plug wires
Inspection of fluids, belts and hoses
Check transmission performance
Check oil levels, coolant and anti-freeze levels
Check air filter
Adjust idle and ignition timing
Fuel system inspection including filter, hoses, injectors and fuel pump
Inspect points, condenser, rotor and distributor
Road test your vehicle for proper operation

We use only quality parts!

car tune-up

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