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Carburetor & Fuel Injection Services

Fuel System Testing, Maintenance & Repair

Is your car engine running rough? Do you smell gas while driving?
The problem could very well be the fuel injector or carburetor.
We will inspect your fuel system to make sure it's working flawlessly and perfectly!

We are the Dependable Auto Repair Shop - Located on the west side of Sioux Falls, near the intersection of 15th St. and Marion.

If you drive a car, then you have either a carburetor or a fuel injection system to feed the correct amount of gas to your engine.
Generally, older makes of cars have a carburetor, and later models use a fuel injection system.
Either is essential to having the proper air to fuel mixture, and keeping your vehicle running smoothly.
Whatever issue your automobile fuel system is experiencing, we have the expert knowledge to take care of the problem.
You may just need routine maintenance. Or perhaps your fuel system just needs a little TLC.
We use only quality parts, so you know you will be safe and worry free as you motor down the dusty trail.
Because we live in Sioux Falls, we all know that we have brutal winters and humid summers.
It's important to keep your fuel system running in perfect condition.
Making sure your engine is receiving its maximum and optimum amount of gasoline is important.
If your fuel injector or carburetor isn't tuned to its prime, you will suffer poorer gas mileage and inferior engine performance.
Maybe your fuel injection system just needs some cleaning.
Perhaps the fuel filter or a hose is clogged.
What about the fuel pump?
Or maybe your carburetor needs to be rebuilt.
Whatever the issue, we are known as the dependable auto repair shop in the Sioux Falls area, and have been working on fuel systems since 1977.

Symptoms of poor fuel injection or carburetor performance:
Your engine runs choppy or stalls.
Your engine won't start.
Your car or truck smells like raw fuel.
Your vehicle backfires or pops through the exhaust.

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Our fuel injection services include:
Cleaning injectors.
Cleaning ISC / ASC motor.
Cleaning throttle body air intake.
Inspecting fuel lines and fuel rail.
Pressure testing the fuel pump.
Testing the fuel pump, pressure regulator, vacuum lines and all connections.
De-carbonize the intake manifold.
De-carbonize the exhaust valves.
De-carbonize the combustion chamber and pistons.

Our carburetor services include:
Rebuilding a carburetor if necessary.
Cleaning the carburetor.
Inspecting all carburetor parts.
Testing the carburetor.
Testing the fuel pump, vacuum lines and all connections.
Air and gas inlets inspected.
Adjust fuel mixture.
Adjust idle speed.

Any questions? Give Terry a call at 605-338-0198.


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