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Vehicle Winterizing

Sioux Falls, South Dakota winterizing services for cars, trucks and SUVs

Is your vehicle ready for the brutal South Dakota winters? It's never too soon to be prepared.

We are the Dependable Auto Repair Shop - Located on the west side of Sioux Falls, near the intersection of 15th St. and Marion Rd.

The elements in this area are very well known to be severe and ferocious.
The weather is not only brutal on the human body, but can also be harsh on any type of vehicle including SUVs, cars, and trucks.
You need to be prepared for winter, so you don't find yourself stuck somewhere on the road, or even in your driveway.
Our auto technicians have been living and working in this environment since they were born.
There is no calamity or situation that they haven't had to deal with when it comes to keeping any vehicle in top running shape, and also for keeping you and your family safe out there.
We have all faced snow storms, sleet, freezing rain and blizzards, not to mention the bitter cold.
Whether you drive in the city or in a rural area, it makes good sense to have your vehicle running the best it can be.
We know exactly what that means, and the importance of having a top running vehicle during the winter months in Sioux Falls, and anywhere in South Dakota.

Winterizing for any car, truck or SUV includes:
Battery Health
Clean Battery Terminals, Wires and Cables
Replacing Worn Tires
Making sure 4WD is in working order
Anti-freeze levels and Coolant viscosity
Checking Belts and Hoses
Checking All Fluid Levels
Transmission operation and fluid
Checking tail lights, turn signals and headlights
Oil Change
Changing Cabin Air Filter
Checking Heating System
Make sure thermostats are in good working order
New Wiper Blades and Windshield Fluid is important
Checking Tire Inflation and Tire Tread Depth

Don't forget your Winter Emergency Kit which should include the following items:
Tire inflator (plugs into your power port)
Fix a Flat (in case you can't remove a flat tire and install a spare)
Tire pressure gauge
Winter clothing including a cap (with ear flaps), gloves, heavy coat
First aid kit
LED flashlight (use lithium batteries, alkaline batteries may freeze)
Jumper cables
Cell phone and cell phone charger
Cat litter (helps to get you unstuck)
Candle, Lighter or matches
Always have plenty of gas in the tank (you may be stranded awhile)

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Any questions? Give Terry a call at 605-338-0198.

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