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Vehicle Pre-Road Trip Inspection

Sioux Falls, South Dakota road trip maintenance services for cars, pickup trucks, vans & SUVs

Planning on taking a road trip with your vehicle? Make sure it's ready to go!

We are the Dependable Auto Repair Shop - Located on the west side of Sioux Falls, near the intersection of 15th St. and Marion Rd.

If you are planning on taking a road trip, either for work or for a vacation, make sure your vehicle is ready for the rigors of the road.
Keep your family safe!
Nothing is worse than getting far away from home and having car trouble. Better to find the trouble spots and wear spots on your vehicle now, before you hit the road.
We have been in the business of auto repair for over 40 years now, and we have seen what extended road trips can do to a car, pickup truck, van or SUV.
Sometimes it's the simplest things that people don't bother to check when preparing for a road trip. Other times it's the things you can't see, or forget about.
Let us take the worry from your shoulders. You're going to have enough on your plate already with hotel reservations, luggage packing, coordinating time off from work and school, lining up someone to watch your home, bring the mail in, watch your pets etc.

Leave the vehicle inspection to us! From the engine to the tires and everything in between, we are well-versed in the mechanics and trouble spots for any type of vehicle.
It doesn't matter how old your car is, or how many miles it has on the odometer. Make sure you stay safe on the road when traveling from point A to point B.
Don't let your vacation turn into a nightmare when it should be a good time for the family. With a simple vehicle pre road trip inspection, you will help to ensure your vacation is a good and cheerful one.

Here's a few things you should have in your vehicle for a road trip:
Cell phone charger
First aid kit
Wet naps and a towel
Small garbage bag
Spare tire
Jumper cables
Fire extinguisher
Basic tools (screwdrivers, hammer, wrenches)

Checklist for a road trip:
Engine Diagnostics
Belts (timing, serpentine)
Fluids (transmission, oil, windshield washer, radiator, coolant)
Filters (oil, transmission, cabin, air)
Radiator and Coolant Hoses
Spark Plugs
Oil Change
Lights (brake, headlights)
Under-Carriage (tie rods, exhaust, gas tank, drive train etc.)

Talk to Terry about setting up an appointment for a vehicle road trip inspection at 605-338-0198.

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