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Vehicle Suspension Repair & Replacement

Sioux Falls shocks and strut replacement for cars, pickup trucks, vans & SUVs

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Have you noticed your vehicle is not running smooth over the road anymore?
Are you feeling the bumps of potholes and railroad tracks more than you used to?
Is your car swaying more when turning?
Does your vehicle continually bottom out?
Have you noticed that your shock absorbers are leaking or the bushings have worn?
Have you been hearing a squeaking noise coming from your car when you hit a bump?
You may have noticed that your car, SUV or truck sways a bit more than it used to when driving down the road, a kind of slight swaying from side to side.
Do you notice the front of your vehicle lowering a bit when braking, or the backend squatting when you hit the gas?
If you have been noticing any of the above, you probably should have your suspension checked by a qualified auto technician.
The suspension, shocks, springs and struts will take quite a beating, so it's not surprising they may be wearing out.
Make sure you take care of your suspension system, and it will keep you happy and stable as you move on down the road for miles to come.

What is the suspension system?
The suspension system of a car, pickup truck or SUV consists of tires, springs, linkages and some sort of shock absorbing equipment such as shocks, struts, or even leaf springs.
The idea of having a suspension system is to have something in place that will help you experience a better and smoother ride when traveling down the road.
A good suspension will not only give you a smooth ride, but also helps with the handling and cornering of your vehicle.
It is the springs that actually absorb the shock, and the shock absorbers that help keep your vehicle from continuing to bounce up and down like a bucking bronco.

What is the difference between shocks and struts?
Did you know that a car's suspension system can have both shocks and struts working independently?
However, you will never find both shocks and struts working together on the same wheel.
A strut is a structural part of your suspension system, but a shock absorber is not.
Having a worn suspension system can produce more wear on your tires as well the steering linkage, springs, ball joints, kingpins, and C.V. joints.
So, keeping your suspension in good shape will save you money in the long run.

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