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Vehicle Computer Diagnostics

We specialize in state of the art computer diagnostics to make your car, truck, or SUV perform at its optimum best.

Is your vehicle's warning light or engine light coming on? We can locate the problem and get you back on the road. Pronto!

We are the Dependable Auto Repair Shop - Located on the west side of Sioux Falls, near the intersection of 15th St. and Marion.

A vehicle's computer codes can be extremely helpful in finding and fixing many problems in connection with your SUV, car or truck.
Of course, not all codes will give you the exact problem your car may be having. That's why it takes an expert and experienced auto technician like Terry to help you get your vehicle in tip top running shape, and get rid of the annoying warning light on your dash.
Using a specialized computer, an auto technician can see where the problems are coming from in your vehicle.
That part is easy. The harder stuff comes if you don't have an experienced and steady hand under the hood who can troubleshoot and begin from the right place, rather than a newer mechanic who learned computer codes, but not how to actually fix the problem that is causing the code to appear in the first place.
Any mechanic can turn off the warning light, but the light will keep popping back up if the underlying problem isn't taken care of.
Besides that, any car built before 1997 is likely NOT to have computer codes anyway. Or even computers for that matter, at least not the kind that are able to give you an alert when there's trouble afoot.
Make sure you have an experienced and trusted technician to keep your vehicle running correctly and smoothly.
It will keep you, your vehicle, and your family safe for many years to come.

A computer controls a plethora of operations in any car, truck or SUV:
Oxygen sensor
Air pressure
Air temperature
Engine temperature
Throttle position
Automatic transmission
Anti-lock brakes
Wheel speed
Air bag systems
Keyless entry
Security systems
Climate control
Motorized seats and mirrors that remember settings
Radios, USB, CD players
Cruise control systems
and much more.

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Any questions? Give Terry a call at 605-338-0198.

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