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Tires for Sale

Make sure you have the proper tires for your car, truck or vehicle!
Convenient location on the west side of Sioux Falls, near the intersection of 15th St. and Marion.

Have your tires mounted, aligned and balanced the dependable way!
We have been serving the Sioux Falls community since 1977, and tires are one of our specialities.
Who better to trust than a certified auto technician when it comes to getting the right tires for your car? At our Sioux Falls shop, we not only have tires for sale, but we will balance, rotate and align your tires too.

One of the more important steps in the safety and reliability of your car or truck is having the proper tires. Not only that, but we sell only the most dependable tires available, to get you and your family to your destination safe and sound.

We have several tire brands available, give us a call at 605-338-0198 to find out more.
We also repair flat tires, and will get you back on the road in a jiff!
Ask us about our tire warranty!

tires for sale

Check out these helpful videos on car tires:
Tire Maintenance
How To Change a Tire
Checking Tire Tread
Checking Tire Pressure

Our tire services include:
Tires for sale
Tire repair and service
Tire warranty
Tire inspection
Tire balancing
Tire alignment
Tire rotation
Proper tire inflation
Road testing your vehicle for proper tire operation


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